Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Have I Been Up To? Or, How Things Change

Well, obviously, not updating this blog!

Sorry about that, but I can say I've been busy. Writing mostly. Some of that for clients, and a lot for me. Since I left the corporate cubicles last June, it's been and interesting time. Back then I thought I'd be able to earn enough writing for online sources to at least pay for my Corba insurance (a big ouch, BTW).

Things have a way of not going according to plans and that's what happened as soon as I left my job. Demand Studios, who I thought I'd be doing a lot of work for, did a big shift. Panda hit the Internet and that caused still another shift on the Internet. And although I found a few other clients, the biggest shift of all was the realization that I don't like writing for other people!

I do, however, like writing for myself and that's where my focus has been these last couple of months. First on Squidoo, where I'm finding a little success. "Little" being the key here, but enough that I think it's possible to earn money. I've also been working on my existing websites to add a little more content (not HMH, unfortunately) and working a a couple new sites. All of that takes a lot of work and takes me away from Home Made Haven.

But I'm back! HMH may not be a "money site" for me, but it does feed the soul. All those decorating, cooking and gardening projects I want to do -- and share -- are important to finding my muse and living a well-rounded life.

So, what's on tap? I still have to do a lot of that writing, but I am making room for a few "fun" projects that I'll be sharing (along with a few other things that are stuck in my camera or on the computer).

  1. Finishing my sewing/craft studio (all 27 square feet of it). It's mostly done except for organizing the bookshelves and doing something on a blank wall, but I'll be sharing some of that in the next couple of days.
  2. Spring is coming and that means... planting time. While the lack of rain this winter will put a crimp in our gardening plans, I still have intentions of putting in "Kate's Lavender Bath." Stay tuned for that one.
  3. I still need to figure out flooring options in all three of the bedrooms and I need to do something with the kitchen.
  4. The biggie, though, is my new "library." We're rehabbing a 1947 travel trailer into a place to store my books and moving it closer to the house. That ought to be fun.
While I may have to go back to work this summer (just admin temping), I still try to be out and about a little more around our little community, instead of being this hermit. Hope to see you all soon.