Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Dark, But Not So Gloomy Day

While it's not as cold as it has been, it has been wet and a wee bit chilly. Of course, not nearly as cold as our friends back east. I've been hunkered down by the fire and just when the sun comes out and I think I can let the fire die, the sun's gone and it's cold in here again! UGH!

Perfect day for cowboy beans.

I'm not sure why I call it cowboy beans. Maybe because it seems like something a pioneer woman would cook up (sans the crock pot). It's just dry pinto beans, bacon, onions, garlic, red pepper (sweet) and a couple dried chilies. It's starting to smell good, though.

Maggie Mae got me out of the house today for a couple of walks.

I never walk fast enough for her. Everything is dead and dry around here with so little rain. There aren't even any little bits of green spouting. Hubby told me the rain gauge said we got 1.5 inches out of this last rain. That's the most we've gotten at one time this whole season.

It's a dry, dry year, on the heels of several. Fire season is not going to be good this year.

After our second walk, I had to get back to work and finish some Squidoo lenses. I just wrapped up the  seventh one which makes an interesting niche -- alarm clocks. Did you know there are LOTS of types of alarm clocks -- for the elderly, that project on the ceiling, old fashioned Big Ben styles and my favorites, kids clocks. There are enough different styles of clocks that I could add a few more. Maybe I will, but I'm ready to go on to something else.

I'm still on my countdown. 15 more work days and I'm off. I don't know whether to start celebrating or panic!

Oh well, life goes on! And I hope yours is going well.

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