Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Spring and I'm Heartbroken!

I know, who can be heartbroken on such a beautiful day?

Just three days ago it's snowed.

But now the poppies are exploding.

The lilacs are just about ready to bust open, too.

Even my beloved roses are showing tender new growth.

And therein lies my heartbreak. I love roses and I wish I could have more. But this is not the year.

We've had a dry spell for quite awhile and even the recent rain and snow hasn't done much to help. That's the downside of living a rural life (wells and such).

The hubby and I had already decided that we're not putting in a vegetable garden this year and just concentrate what water we do have on keeping the orchards alive.

So an unexpected trip into town today and a stop at Lowe's had me so tempted to pick up a couple of rose bushes. Why do they put those pretty plants near the entrance so there's no way around them?

It broke my heart to have to pass them up, especially the new Burgundy Iceberg roses. Soooo pretty!

Instead I headed for what I stopped for: 5 new English lavender plants. They'll be part of my small Mediterranean -- and drought tolerant -- garden I'm working on this weekend.

Luckily, I love lavender (and most flowers) almost as much as I love roses.

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  1. Katherine I too love lavender. I understand....We have also been very dry. Last the summer the extreme temps took so many things I love away. It is hard to decide what to replace. Bonnie