Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bath in the Front Yard

Finally, it feels like Spring has sprung and I can finally start planting the garden. I've been chomping at the bit to get moving, so welcome to...

This place came with two claw foot bathtubs. One was intended for the bathroom remodel. That never made it for lots of reasons. The other, without feet, was going to be a a fun and funky plant container. Well, finally...

I had hubby and son move the tub to the front yard late last year. I planted some tulips around it and waited and waited for Spring so I could fill it with dirt and plant some lavender. In a few months those pretty purple flowers should be overflowing the tub. 

I'm not much of an artist, so my sign isn't quite what I was hoping for, but I'm sure it will weather out with time. 

I'll be planting out on either side of the tub. It already has lots of poppies, and I'll be adding some yarrow, rosemary and of course, lots more lavender. It will be sort of a rough and tumble Mediterranean look and hopefully stand up to a hot, dry summer. As I mentioned before, water is going to be scarce this year.

It's it fun way of re-purposing something that would otherwise be destined to the dump.  Besides, fun and funky is the look I'm going for. Hope you're gardens are blooming, too. 

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