Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day Take 2

Yes, it does snow in Southern California.

At least at 3,600 feet. 

And this isn't even last night's snow. It's the last snow, just a week or so ago. While we do get snow here, it's at most once or twice for the whole winter season. Not twice within 10 days! 

And it's not melting off as usual either. So cold! I'm hunkered around the woodstove trying to get some work done.

Hope you're all keeping warm!



  1. It is so beautiful. It has been cold. Where are you again? My husband was working up in Tehachapi today and it was snowing on him and so windy.

  2. We're a "little" before Tehachapi, in that mountain range that runs from Palmdale on the East to Gorman on the West.

    I hope your hubby was wearing his thermals because Tehachapi is a little higher (4,000 feet, I think) which is even colder.

    Thanks for stopping by.