Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Elaine over at Sunny Simple Life is getting a yearning for Autumn. I don't know if I'm quite with her yet. I've been enjoying the mild summer we've had so far, so unlike many other folks around the country. Of course, here in Southern California the worst of summer doesn't happen until well into Autumn. Ugh!

However, Elaine will be happy to know.... the pumpkins are coming, the pumpkins are coming!

The pumpkins are turning orange... yeah!!
Our little pumpkins are turning orange. I didn't expect it yet, so maybe Autumn is closer than we know. At least pumpkin pies... pumpkin cookies... pumpkin bread... pumpkin muffins... pumpkin seeds... pumpkin cheesecake... baked pumpkin.... ahh, all delish!

In the meantime, Elaine is busy over at Sunny Simple Life with an end of summer giveaway. Stop over and take a look. The trays she found at Goodwill are sooooo cool.

Enjoy the rest of summer while you can!


  1. Oh my gosh I cannot grow a pumpkin for the life of me. I can grow hundreds of tomatoes but my pumpkins never survive. I don't know why. I am jealous. I am here in SoCal too. Thanks for the mention. I'll be by to steal some of those pumpkins.

  2. Wow! Pumpkins in August? You are certainly set for autumn. Bonnie

  3. Elaine, I hope you stop by. Last year we had 600 pounds of butternut squash that we couldn't give away... even to the food bank. This year I convinced my hubby we didn't need as much butternut, so he tried pumpkins. First time and I'm surprised and happy. Youngest kiddo loves pumpkin pies!