Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My To Do List

Thanks Aaron Beall @ sxc.hu
For the past eight years I've been a good corporate citizen. Up every morning. Drive an hour to work. Spend nine or 10 hours at my desk. Then another hour's drive home. That's if I didn't hit traffic morning or night (L.A. you know). Most days I left at 7 a.m. to returned by 7 p.m.

Ugg... not a way to live.

All the time I was working, I knew someday I would be able to come back home again and resume my writing life.

So I plotted... planned... and created a gazillion "To Do" lists. There were just so many wonderful projects I was going to get done... finally!
  1. Paint the the kitchen, including the cabinets
  2. Add crown molding and new hardware to the cabinets
  3. Rehab the old 50s stove and hook it up
  4. Switch the panty refrigerator with the kitchen one
  5. Replace the floor with black & white vinyl tiles
  6. Paint the kitchen chairs turquoise... or or maybe ivory
  7. Finally lay the living room floor
  8. Paint the fireplace screen black
  9. Find a new cabinet for the laundry/sewing room
  10. Finish the molding around the doors
  11. Paint the the laundry room door to the outside... red on the inside, green on the out
  12. Get a magnetic curtain rod and make curtain for said door
  13. Make a skirt for the folding table (that has to serve as my sewing table/laundry counter)
  14. Secure bookcase to the wall (and maybe paint) before it falls on table
  15. Add door to furnace niche
  16.  Finish molding on in downstairs bathroom
  17. Paint dresser in bathroom... definitely red
  18. Thinking a new curtains for the window and shower
  19. Paint the mirror frame (or maybe find a new one... yeah)
  20. Repaint the room... change it to blue with puffy white clouds
  21. Reorganize hubby's office/guest room/exercise room/kids playroom
  22. Sew up the new window valances
  23. Cover the desk top with the nifty blue leather-looking fabric I found... last year!
  24. Son's room.... don't even think of it
  25. Install new carpeting in the master bedroom/my office
  26. Sew the new valances for the windows (all eight of them) with the beautiful age ivory, green and red fabric I found... yeah, last year.
  27. Install the corner shelves I got a the Goodwill store
  28. Organize my files & bookcase
  29. Find more storage for books and magazines
  30. Reorganized/declutter bedroom closets!
And I haven't even gotten to the front porch, yard, garden, writing, Esty shop, websites...

So, what have I gotten done on my To Do list so far?

Nada! Zilch!! Nothing!!!

But I have hope (I just hope it doesn't take eight years!)

How about you? What's on your To Do list? And are you getting it done?


  1. Yes, I do have a to-do list and no, I am not getting much of it done. I am blaming it on the heat, though. It has just been way to hot to be outside to get them done. I started on painting the porch. The power washer broke and then it was too hot to even try. But the heat wave seems to have passed so maybe I can get to it. That is if I don't have to run for something or someone.
    The only thing that I can say I accomplished this year was to clean and organize the loft above the garage. That was a biggie, though. We had some unexcepted repairs, too. With an old house, it is always something! LOL!

    BTW, Welcome to Blogland!! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. It's great that you are writing. I too, have a to do list, only worse because I make a list daily and then when half the things on it don't get done I have to add them to the next day's list, and so on and so on.......... Visiting you via Cozy Little House, welcome! Lana www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com

  3. Whoa girl...one step at a time. Your To Do List makes me tired!! However, I'm with you. I find I have to make lists or nothing gets done. I've been making a list every morning with the things I hope to accomplish that day. Whatever doesn't get crossed off, goes at the top of the list the next day. I'm spending a fair amount of time making lists... I'm visiting via Cozy Little House. Enjoy your new "career"!

  4. Hi Katharine! Enjoy working on that to-do list...so much better than working in corporate America! Stopping by from Cozy Little House.