Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tray Day

I love trays! They're great for corralling stuff. Any kind of stuff.

Like the small ceramic tray that holds the salt, pepper and spice shakers on my kitchen counter.

Or the apple tray on my microwave that holds this and that (and usually doesn't look this neat).

Then's theres the fancy silver tray that holds candles (and badly needs polishing, BTW). 

My favorite tray, however, is the one my friend made for me. Yup, she designed and made this for me because she know how much I love trays. But it's in need of a refresh today. After all, Valentine's day is way passed.

And the other reason I love this tray so much... because I can change the look to match the holiday, season or just my mood. The bottom flips open to change out the background. Today, I feel like an orange background, but I'm deciding between an orange and white polka dot foreground or maybe a retro style green leaf pattern. 


Retro leaves it is! And back to work for this little tray that corrals a few things on the coffee station.

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. 

Till later...


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  1. I love trays, too. I love the way you change yours up! Perfect.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.