Saturday, March 30, 2013

Where Have All the Spoons Gone?

You know that black hole where socks disappear? I think there's a black hole for spoons, too!

I started with 48 teaspoons 10 years ago (two 60-piece sets). This is what I have left! I still have plenty of knives, forks and tablespoons!

Where did they go? Well, no one is talking.

The cost of replacing them with the same pattern (now discontinued by Oneida) is over $2.50 each. Ouch and ain't gonna happen!

Fortunately I have a set of my MIL's silver for the holidays, so it's everyday flatware that's the problem.

I have a solution, however!

Vintage spoons!

I picked up 12 from a antique mall I like. I love the old mixed matched look and the fact that they were only 50 cents to a dollar each.

No two are the same, but they have a similar feel. I think they're from the 40s and 50s. I like them so much, I think I'm going back for more. And maybe forks... knives and tablespoons.

Uh oh, I fee a new collection coming on.

I hope there are no black holes in your spoon drawers.

Till later,


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  1. Great solution! I love how they look in your pitcher too. I've had three sets of everyday stainless in my wifely career. Two of them ended up missing a fork. I'm sure dear hubby tossed them when clearing the table. So far my last set is complete. Keep your fingers crossed! Visiting from MHC.

  2. Katherine, If you find your spoons would you please check to see if mine are there. I hadn't thought they might be hanging out with all those odd socks. I love vintage silver. Have a wonderful Easter. Bonnie

  3. I like vintage utensils and you're right - a great way to replace missing forks and knives and spoons. In our house, it's the forks that are disappearing!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  4. Actually, there are black holes. :-)

  5. Hello Katherine - love the vintage mixed pattern spoons - they will work with anything and are always much more interesting than new versions! If you have a disposal some may have fallen in, been bent or chewed up, and then disposed of in the trash perhaps...............and the culprits forgot to 'fess up!!!! I know I damaged some that way and when rough on the edge they are just about unusable for eating.

    Now if I could find the missing kitchen scissors..................hubby says he honestly didn't chuck them in the trash!!!!!

    Happy day - happy week.........I'm here from A Favorite Thing.