Monday, September 5, 2011

Does this Mean Fall is Here?

Happy Labor Day, everyone. I guess this means we're at the start of the Fall season. For me, that means my nesting instincts are really kicking in. Maybe it's the anticipation of cooler weather or that the holidays are getting closer, but I have a lot of things around the house I want to get done.

Today's a good day to start making my plans. Although I shared my To Do List already, this one will detail the things I can actually get done. On the top of the list is laying a new laminate floor in the living room. It's my make-do floor because I'm just getting tired of looking at the concrete. Carpeting doesn't work here and as much as I would love hardwood floors, this house takes a lot of hard living. (It would take all of five minutes before the hubby would drag in a stone on the bottom of his boots). Now I have to tell the hubby we're going to be doing this before September end... Honey?!

For the rest of the day, though, it's plotting and planning. Besides my nesting projects, it's time to think about Christmas shopping, too. The girls were over yesterday and I started quizzing them on their Santa lists. They have some mighty big lists! Yikes! I better get busy.

Have a good day everyone... and take some time off to enjoy yourself today!

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